Educational Sensory Building Blocks
Educational Sensory Building Blocks
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Educational Sensory Building Blocks

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Help develop your little one's brain with the Educational Sensory Building Blocks! This educational toy has many features that can help your child learn and develop tactical skills. These are made with chemical-free materials, it is safe for baby to use and even bite on for relieving teething pains. It can help improve your baby's problem-solving skills and stimulate the brain. Available in two package variations.

Multiple Development Features, this toy can help develop your little one's cognitive, sensory and problem-solving skills. This has a shape puzzle, number recognition, and sensory activities.

Water Toy, this floats and sprays water. This can also be used as a fun water toy to make the bath time fun and to look forward to.

Food Grade Safe Materials, does not contain any chemicals that are harmful to your precious child.Specifications:

Material: Silicone