Lullaby Crib Animal Plush
Lullaby Crib Animal Plush
Lullaby Crib Animal Plush
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Lullaby Crib Animal Plush

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The Lullaby Crib Animal Plush is a multipurpose toy that is adorable and helps soothes the little one to sleep. This has several soothing music to help your little one sleep faster. This can be attached to a crib or stroller. The adorable design catches the attention of your little one instantly. Available in three variations.

Soothing Music, can help calm your little one. Simply pull the bottom strap to play music.

Exquisite Workmanship, this has hand-made embroidered facial features. Also a crinkling fabric for the ears, arms, and legs to catch your baby's attention.

Safe for babies, made of high-quality & durable materials that do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to children.


Material: Plush
Length: 33cm

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