Cutie Rabbit Plush Animal
Cutie Rabbit Plush Animal
Cutie Rabbit Plush Animal
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Cutie Rabbit Plush Animal

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Does your child love fluffy rabbits? The Cutie Rabbit Plush Animal is an excellent toy for little boys and girls. This has super soft fabric and cotton filling making it the perfect snuggle partner for your little one. This plush animal is also excellent as a nursery room decoration. Available in three color variations.

Lightweight, this plush animal is just the right size for small toddlers. This is small enough to be carried easily.

Washable, remove and clean stains and odor easily. Children are messy little creatures, stains and dirt are unavoidable. This feature allows the animal plush to be easily cleaned.

Soft & Adorable, this plushie provides the best and snuggles a toy can offer. It's an excellent toy for bedtime or any type of play.


Material: Cotton
Size: 30cm
Net Weight: 150g

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