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Chubby Bear Animal Plush

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Do your little ones love snuggles and cuddles? The Chubby Bear Animal Plush is the perfect toy for your precious child. This has an extra soft cotton feeling that makes the plush extra huggable and ideal as a bedtime plush. This is also excellent as a floortime cushion for a soft and safe landing place for your little one. Available in two size variations.

Exquisite Details, this plush animal is made with excellent workmanship. It has exquisite small details like the paws, stitching, and features that make it high-quality and luxurious.

Safe & Durable, this does not contain chemicals that are harmful to your little one. Made with high-quality materials that are meant to last a long time.

Machine Washable, babies are messy little creatures. This feature allows the plush animal to be washed to remove stains and keep it clean for your little one to safely use.


Material: Cotton
Size: 50cm & 100cm
Weight: 0.45kg (50cm) & 1.3kg (100cm)

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