Things you should know about a baby shower

As of today, baby showers are more of a less-traditional activity as opposed to baby showers held a couple of decades ago. In fact, modern-day baby showers are fun for you and your invitees. That said, in this blog post, we intend to cover a couple of important things you should know about a baby shower. 

Deciding about invitees 

Well, deciding about the invitees is up to you and the host. You can decide whether to go with immediate family members only or invite even friends and coworkers. The decision should be taken based on your schedule, the space you have, and many other things. However, the best practice is to invite individuals who are closest to the family. As a result, you can have more fun and experience a stronger bond with each other. 

If you are the mom, create a list with the names and contact details of your invitees and give it to the hostess. That will ensure that every invitee will get an invitation so there’s nothing to worry about. 

What if it is your second or third baby? 

As per modern-day traditions, it is completely OK to have baby showers for second and third babies as well. After all, a baby shower is a celebration of the arrival of a new life so there shouldn’t be any restriction to that. You can have baby showers for every baby you have. However, if you feel somewhat strange to have a big baby shower to welcome your second or third baby, you can opt for a smaller party. Once again, it is up to you to decide the size of the party and the number of invitees.

It is OK to open the presents during the shower? 

Your guests will bring gifts of various sizes ranging from baby clothes to toys to strollers to baby monitors. So, any mom-to-be will be tempted to open those gifts as soon as they see them. Well, as a general recommendation, we should say that it is best to open them later once the party is over. We recommend such an approach because those who bought smaller gifts will feel embarrassed if you open those in front of everybody. However, if a guest insists you open their gifts, you can go ahead and do it so they will be satisfied. The rest can be left and you can open them later on. 

How to make it more fun?

It is completely OK to have some fun when your closest ones are together. So, plan some new games to play with your invitees. These games don’t have to be tiresome or involve a lot of physical activities. Instead, plan games that can be performed by every individual. 

Well, if you are an invitee but not the host or the mom-to-be, you must plan gifts very smartly. Always buy something useful for new parents so they will appreciate it. You can get an idea about such baby shower gifts by visiting an online store like