Reasons to buy a baby monitor

In a nutshell, baby monitors have become more of a mandatory device for those who have new babies. These handy devices are designed to assure the security of your baby while providing utmost convenience for parents. Modern-day baby monitors are available in audio-only and audio-video models. It goes without saying that video baby monitors with motion detection are better than audio-only devices due to various reasons. With that said, mentioned below are the most noticeable benefits associated with a baby monitor. 

  • It checks if the baby sleeping in the proper position 
  • One of the most important benefits of a baby monitor is that it can monitor if your baby is sleeping in the proper position. In fact, there are some parents who don’t want to enter the nursery when the baby is lying so they can self-soothe without the intervention of parents. If you are one of those parents, you can use a baby monitor and check if your baby is sleeping in the right position and breathe well. 

  • A baby monitor can help parents get much-desired sleep 
  • With a baby monitor, parents get more free time so they can have a nap (which is much needed for new parents). They don’t need to monitor the baby constantly because if the baby makes any noise or movement, the baby monitor can give a notification. With a sound sleep, parents can regain their energy and take good care of their babies.  

  • Tracking the amount of sleep the baby gets
  • Some babies don’t get enough sleep and they just tend to toss and turn even without crying. So, if you have a good baby monitor with audio and video, you can learn if she is sleeping well or not. Also, you can monitor even the slightest noise the respective baby makes.

    As you may know, children between 1-3 should get at least 12 hours of sleep per day. The younger the baby, the more sleep she needs. So, with proper monitoring, you can learn if your baby is getting adequate sleep or not and provide necessary solutions if needed. 

  • It assures the safety of the baby
  • You can use a baby monitor to check if your baby is safe and secured when you are not in her nursery. You can check if they are up to something dangerous or risky. This feature becomes more useful when your children grow up. They try to stand up and fall pretty often and may even bump their heads. Also, they can get up from their beds during the nighttime. So, with the assistance of a good baby monitor, you can check if they are safe. 

    In addition to all those points, a baby monitor can play the role of a nanny cam as well as a security camera. Modern-day sophisticated baby monitors are synchronized with mobile phones and computers so you can even monitor your little ones (when they are with nannies) even if you are away from home.