How to soothe a teething baby

You may already know that infants experience significant discomfort when they undergo the stage of teething. They will often cry, drool, and more importantly, put various things in their mouth. So, as a parent, you must be vigilant about this stage and do your best to ease their discomfort. When it comes to remedies, there are many different options you can try and the purpose of this blog post is to explain the most practical ones. 


How to soothe the pain associated with teething? 

What you should know is that teething is a completely natural process and all children undergo that. Teething will start at the age of 3-4 months and may continue up to 3 years. These times might vary from child to child. However, the first couple of teeth give the most painful experience and they need some external support to feel better. You will find some common remedies that are being practiced for many years. Using a baby teether is among those methods and there are several other methods to try. 


The first and the most basic method is to rub the gums of the suffering baby. First, you should clean your finger well and rub the gums down. If not, you can even use a clean and moistened piece of gauze as well. The gentle pressure you apply on the gum will soothe the pain. Also, be sure to keep your baby’s mouth clean all the time. You must also check for the potential infections and swelling that may present in the mouth. If you ever notice such a condition, you must seek immediate medical assistance from your child’s pediatrician without leaving any room for guesswork. 


As mentioned before, during teething, your baby is likely to put various things in their mouth. So, you must always pay attention to his behavior all this time and prevent them from putting dangerous things in their mouth. In addition to that, you can use an OTC painkiller. However, it is compulsory to avoid painkillers that contain Benzocaine as it is not suitable for babies. After the application of Benzocaine, you should apply some cold stuff as well. You can do the following; 


  • Offer some frozen food such as fruit. 
  • Use a piece of cloth that is dampened with cold water to rub against the gum 
  • Don’t offer ice cubes because it can result in a choking hazard


Using a baby teether 

There is no shortage of baby teethers to choose from. You can purchase them in physical stores as well as from online stores. Although a teether is very effective when it is cold, don’t put it in the freezer before offering it to the child. That is because the extreme cold can be harmful to little ones. You can also go for a teether glove as well so the infant will put it in the mouth. When you choose a good teether, avoid substances like PVC, BPA, metals, etc. 


So, that’s how to soothe a teething baby and make them comfortable.